Friday, September 25, 2020

Learnins From Life

Key to Success

Your future depends on your aspirations, Do something New today.

Before reading this article, Just think about these two questions, Make an answer in your mind, and then read further. 1. What you think about...

Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit, Motivate yourself

The feeling of Not getting Praised even after, doing all hard work, making efforts, and achieving the result is worst. Do you ever felt...

New Year Resolutions take it and Keep It.

At the start of every New year, We plan to do something new and make some new year resolution. We follow that some days...

04 Powerful Thinking that can Prevent our success.

One of the areas that I have an interest in is the personal habits that lead to success. I mean, why do some people become...

All Real Winners Are Once a Loser

All winners are not so perfect. They also have done mistakes in their life, but they learn to solve their mistake and got their...

04 Effective ways to Praise someone for real to refuel motivation

Importance of Praising Someone It is really a tough task to make someone feel important. Giving this feeling of importance plays a very important role...

Thoughts of Lockdown
From Your Mind

Battel against Covid-19: Not to Fear But to Fight because fear...

It's been about 07 months and Still no vaccine is developed. Everyday worldwide cases of Spread of 2.5+ Lakh and 6000+ deaths. This pandemic...

How this worldwide Lockdown effecting our country and its Environment…??

Corona, Lockdown, pollution, Environment and Global warming   This year started with the wrong foot with the Corona pandemic which has been affected in many ways...

What will be effect of Corona crisis on my job….??

55 days have passed during this pandemic. We are still in lockdown, waiting for the creation of vaccines and bring this virus effect to...

And Lockdown 4.0 has been announced…

As our Priminister Narendra had already signaled about Lockdown 4.0 on 12 May while announcing 12 lakh crore stimulus package for our economy. It...

Lockdown : During and After life

It became a world where everyone is confined to their place. Everyone stays at the same place for the past several days or weeks....

Liquor and Lockdown: Economy of Alcohol

Liquor: The Economy Savior   Yes...!!! This is the story of me. I am Liquor. The very same one which is with you, Around you every time....

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