And It Continues…..Lockdown 3.0


This became a seasons of fear, hope, crisis and emotions during these lockdowns. By the way Lockdown 3.0 has been announced and again our boredom stands on its foot to get some fresh views apart from wall and windows. This time Raise of corona spread was on its optimum but our economy was on just other side of scale. where no. of corona patients were increase in our country, our economy was diving deep. This became a drastic situation for all of us as we have to follow lockdown rules and unable to go to work.

Production from industries were about zero as there was no workforce because of this Self-Preservation and safekeeping.
Government needs take action which will save us, as well as our economy. And it allows to resume work for maximum industries and corporates with some safekeeping rules which was must to follow.
There it comes our most muscly emotion called fear, which was confusing us with two things. One side is that if we go outside this virus can effect us badly and we will became a sufferer, While other side of us is forcing to go for work as there is chance to get no salary from company or to get fired. We need to chose one of that either from our health and job.
“Health is Wealth” it can be a true until it comes to a situation. Where either we have to work or we will be in a situation of face scarcity of money that will effect our family in terms of basic necessity like food, Cloth and house.
We are in confusion for choosing work and step out from our home. Although some companies also followed a trend of work from home. This was also productive in comparison during these lockdown. But there some work which can be done only when you will step out of your house.
We have to chose both, our job and safety towards our health. this started a period where we had to learn to live with this virus, with care and safe practice. we were learning to work during these tough days with this risk.
Somehow all companies planned their way to resume work, All was set to go, everything seem to be normal until mass of migrated people started to show their interest to go their natives instead of working. Some of them even started to walk towards their destination and started a journey of 1000Km to reach their home to meet their family. People with no job and no money have to walk on road with hunger. This created a hard time when there was news of people dying on road during travel. It becomes a emotional pandemic for all of us when we got to know loss of life not because of virus but because of love to their family. This broke us emotionally. there need to be done something for those, who are walking on road in this summer. State government had to take decision to start transport to take people home.
Many of us reached our home and many more are yet to bring. we need to spread our hand for help to those needy one. so that, they can be with their family too.
Lockdown 3.0 is about to end but it seems we have to learn to live with this virus, until there will be any working vaccine come in picture that can cure us and make us immune from this completely.


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